Mirabaud Canada

Private management


Mirabaud Canada, a subsidiary of Mirabaud & Cie SA, is a private bank based in Geneva that has been offering high-end management services to private and institutional clients as a manager, broker and custodian for over 200 years. The portfolio managers must be diligent in their roles as to both serve their existing client base while seeking to develop it. Unfortunately, LinkedIn is not well exploited by wealth managers. Yet, most of their clients can be found on the platform. Therefore, in order to expand its client base and strengthen its employer brand, Mirabaud had to increase the presence of its experts online.

Crédits photo: Tora Chirila


Like in any project requiring a change in behaviour, it is important to inform and mobilize employees as soon as possible. Therefore, our first step was to provide two group training sessions to the company’s employees, answering all the questions they could have about LinkedIn.

Subsequently, we established the communication framework to follow, in agreement with the Head of Communications (selection of keywords to be found in each profile, the concept of profile photos and banner photos, etc.). Once this guide was validated, we were able to assist each Portfolio Manager with the update of their LinkedIn profiles (photo shoot, complete profile writing, translation into English, profile optimization, individual coaching).

We then continued to help Mirabaud Canada promote its experts by: 

  • Participating in the planning of a large-scale event at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC)
  • Offering a photography service during the event and posting the photos on LinkedIn
  • Designing and creating a video immortalizing the last debate organized by the company.

Crédits photo: Tora Chirila


Each Portfolio Manager now feels better equipped to develop its clientele online.

The company also has a more coherent overall image, which showcases a strong and united team of experts.

“Eminence has accompanied and supported us in establishing our communication strategy on LinkedIn. By rapidly capturing the vision and needs of our company, the attentive specialists of Éminence enabled us to achieve our objectives pertaining to the presentation, communication and enhancement of our services. Our new approach has definitely increased our firm’s visibility and influence by favouring a more coherent and targeted message. “

Yves Érard, Member of the Executive Committee and Chief Investment Officer, Mirabaud Canada Inc.