Qualibroker / Gregory Feret

Insurance Brokerage Firm


Gregory Feret is the CEO of Qualibroker, one of the largest insurance brokerage firms in Switzerland.

Serial entrepreneur and highly energetic, Gregory asked us to help him work on his personal brand in order to generate a greater impact.

Objective: to clarify Gregory’s message and develop his personal image for the benefit of his different companies.


In the diagnosis phase, we conducted interviews with people who work with Gregory on a regular basis. This allowed us to compare their perception of Gregory to the perception he has of himself. 

Through this analysis, we identified dominant traits. The latter served as a basis to establish his positioning. 

The strategy phase included a variety of workshops. With Gregory, we identified and studied the different audiences he needed to reach in order to achieve his goals. 

Lastly, we defined his unique positioning, personified by a visual and textual presentation of his image.

Gregory’s personal branding strategy was developed over the span of 18 months and includes both online and offline actions.

Once his LinkedIn profile was fully updated, we helped him take on his new role as a public figure by, notably, creating slides for his upcoming conferences.


Only four months after our workshops with Gregory had ended, he had already been invited to speak at five conferences, providing insights on his career and his point of view on entrepreneurship in Switzerland.

He has since been contacted on a regular basis to appear in the media.

“The very structured approach suited me perfectly. The openness and proximity allowed me to speak honestly and freely, thus establishing a positioning that is true to my personality. 

Prior to my workshops, when I posted on LinkedIn, I had a maximum of 600 views. Today, my posts rarely get fewer than 4,000 views while sometimes reaching 10,000. There is not a week that goes by without someone telling me about my activities on LinkedIn.”

Grégory Feret, entrepreneur and CEO at Qualibroker