Personal Branding

Stratégie d'employés-ambassadeurs

Making communication more human

Brands no longer earn trust – but faces do.
In order to stand out, companies need to give the experts that compose them more visibility. Everyday, those ambassadors contribute to strengthen their company’s reputation, business development and employer brand.

Your company’s reputation depends on that of its members.

Our services

Personalized coaching for directors and business development professionals

Elite Service
To strengthen leaders’ image and reputation

A leader’s image directly reflects on the company they represent. Your future clients want to trust you, so make it easy for them by adopting a human and authentic communication. We help your company stand out by promoting the unique people at its core.


LinkedIn Service
To maximize employees’ presence on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is progressively becoming the leading professional social media. However, creating a strong profile and using it in a relevant way is no easy feat. We help employees build an impeccable LinkedIn presence that will reflect positively on their employer.


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At Éminence, our team is composed of digital, marketing strategies and public relations experts. They are brought together by a common passion: helping talented people stand out.

Renaud Margairaz Founding President
Tora Chirila Photographer
Lauren Robillard Project Manager
Christophe Lavigne Content contributor
Robin von Känel Personal brand strategist