Doggy Bathroom / Alain Courchesne



DoggyBathroom is a Montreal startup founded by Alain Courchesne, a renowned Canadian designer.

Alain had always dreamed of offering an indoor toilet solution for small breeds of dogs. The entrepreneur contacted us as he was preparing to launch his Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

Objective: to help him persuade future investors to take part in his project.


We helped Alain update his entire LinkedIn profile, focusing on the reasons that led him to design his innovative product. His experience as a designer is also something we put forward as it could give him legitimacy in the eyes of potential investors.

Then, we used an actual dog to tout the merits of the DoggyBathroom. Because, frankly, who’s better than the actual user to praise the virtues of a product?

We stayed true to the quirky nature of the brand by inserting a “doggy” reference at the bottom of Alain’s profile.

We even went so far as to creating a full LinkedIn profile for Stirling O’Brien, Alain’s dog and partner. The profile enabled the dog to fully assume his role as ambassador.

With the Kickstarter campaign in full swing, our team designed and produced the company’s official presentation video (relayed on the Facebook and Instagram accounts of the brand).


With more than 30,000 views, the promotional video for Doggy Bathroom surpassed its initial funding target of $ 35,000. The 189 investors who believed in the product ended up investing a total of $ 45,855 and allowing DoggyBathroom to grow at a phenomenal rate.

“Renaud and his team were able to understand our goal and to constantly adapt to our changing needs. All stakeholders were attentive and available to help us maintain a winning strategy with continued interest throughout the campaign.

The expertise, professionalism as well as tools and support that they  provided greatly contributed to the success of this campaign. To this day, we are still working together! “

Alain Courchesne, designer and founder of DoggyBathroom