Credits: Jo Simoes

Meccaniche Veloci / Cesare Cerrito

Watch Brand


Cesare Cerrito is the CEO of Meccaniche Veloci, a high-end watch brand inspired by the automotive industry. As he wished to strengthen the growth of his company, the entrepreneur asked us to help him fully assume his role as Brand Ambassador.

Objective: to support Cesare as he better defines his own personal brand strategy capable of generating customer loyalty.

Credits: Jo Simoes

Credits: Jo Simoes


We first identified the distinctive personality traits of the entrepreneur through three separate activities:

  • An in-depth individual interview
  • Eight interviews with relatives (friends, family members, colleagues and clients)
  • An analysis of his digital reputation

Then, we compared the results of the activities to identify common features as well as divergent elements. Taking a little step back allows us to adopt an objective approach and, therefore, develop unbiased strategies.

Additional research was conducted to understand the expectations of his audience and the behaviour of his competitors.

In order to ensure Cesare would have a unique selling proposition for his clients, we defined his optimal positioning based on his personality and his company’s DNA. 

After redesigning his visual identity and rewriting his biography, we developed a content strategy. This strategy succeeded in allowing his brand to come alive through traditional and social platforms.


As a natural communicator, Cesare quickly took control of his digital brand.

In the span of six months, his Instagram account went from 200 to 1,000 followers.