About Éminence
About Éminence
About Éminence

Éminence is first and foremost the story of a passion.


Early on in his career, Renaud Margairaz was faced with a great challenge. The family business, founded by his great-great-grandfather, goes into receivership. Renaud then dedicates a year to assisting his father, head of the company. Following this experience, a strong will emerged within him: to help leaders navigate complex internal and external communication challenges, which they must often address alone. After the company officially comes out of receivership, he decides to leave Switzerland and pursue new opportunities in Quebec.

Renaud founded Eminence Branding in 2016, in Montreal. He quickly surrounds himself with a multidisciplinary team, moved by the same belief: in order for communications to be effective, they must be human and authentic.

At Eminence, our motto is simple: to create quality work, we must find pleasure in what we do. We like to redefine conventions, to find innovative and unusual ways to promote our clients. Our greatest pride is seeing our clients’ self-confidence grow with every step we take with them.


Who are we ?

A team who wants the best for you

Renaud Margairaz Founding President

« To help each person fulfill their potential, »
such is Renaud’s motto.
Holder of a Master’s degree in Strategy, as well as blogger, trainer and speaker, this modern-day explorer delivers his strategic advice between Quebec and Switzerland, his homeland.

He’s not afraid of: jet-lag

Dannik Perreault-Forget

The rigor of an accountant combined with the creativity of an entrepreneur: Dannik is the team’s fearless communicator.
Trained at Montreal’s top creative school, he is the driving force behind internal innovation, constantly developing new analytical tools without ever putting his typo radar on hold.

What he is not afraid of: the difference

Tora Chirila Photographer

Some people just have a gift for making others look their best.
The official photographer for Creative Mornings’ Montreal chapter, Tora conceptualizes and creates original and authentic portraits tailored to the business world.

She’s not afraid of: flashy hair colors

Christophe Lavigne Content contributor

Having fun at work, while also being productive. Christophe applies this personal motto with the team to create an enjoyable working environment and strong relationships with his clients. Also a director specialized in corporate content, Christophe likes to dig deep and tell the life story behind every successful entrepreneur.

He’s not afraid of: being loud

Robin von Känel Personal brand strategist

A sharp mind gifted with excellent analytical skills, Robin is the team’s conductor who holds ten batons in each hand. Holder of a Master’s degree in Marketing, this personal branding aficionado contributes to democratizing the discipline by writing articles for newspapers such as Bilan or Courrier Cadres.

He is not afraid of: venturing off-road

Are you based in Europe?

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